Variation between different dildos

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If you are reading this you are most probably new to the world of dildos. For a newbie choosing new dildos can be very overwhelming, especially if you are new to the dido game. So to make your life easier we are going to show you all the diverse sorts of dildos on the market today.

Classic Dildos

The Classic dildo is said to be the best dildo every made.  These toys were made to resemble a male penis. Not only in structure but also in the look and feel of the sex-toy.  These toys often have testicles(balls) attached to the male replica. In fact in newer version you can even see veins and the well known shaft of the male organ. Each toy comes in different types of feel and texture. You as the user can choose you specific color. In most cases dildos are bendy but in some cases the dildo adult toy is hard and firm.  Whatever your choice, almost 99% of all dildos do not have any vibration device attached.

The Glass Dildo Variety

As the name suggest the Glass dildo is made from glass. These toys are always hard to the touch but they have one extra option. Depending on your taste these toys can be heated or frozen. In some cases a girl or guys for that matter enjoy a heated or frozen dildo. Users have noted that heating the sex toy has the ability to enhance the sensation your experience when masturbating.


The Strap on dildo

These dildos were created for women and men to wear as if they a penis or extra penis. The harness is attached to the users waist. He or she will then have the ability to provide anal and vaginal penetration.  In some cases women can wear the toy and provide anal penetration for the male. Male users have noted that they now can give the female double penetration by using the strap-on dildo as an extra penetration device, either for her vagina or anus.

The double ended dildo

Again as the name suggest these dildos were created for solo use or for females who would like to practice partner penetration. If you use the device on yourself you can now penetrate yourself vaginally and anally at the same time. For gay couples they can use the device to penetrate each other at the same time. In some cases even males can participate. To use the strap on device you have to have a open mind.

Your biggest obstacle using these devices come down to two things. One you will need some sort of lubrication to make sex play a bit easier for both partners, while the second obstacle is finding that rhythm. We advise to start slow and work yourself into a rhythm


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