The penis pump and fleshlight is considered distinctive sex toy items

penis pump

When I think about sextoys, my mind almost immediately think about sextoys for women. I usually end up thinking about things like a big dildos or a buzzing vibrator even a sex doll. The reason for this is that one these toys are very popular among women and thus lead to allot of attention.
Even though these normal sextoys offer allot of sensual benefits we have to think about toys that are also well known  sextoys for men. Just like their women counterparts, these sextoys can provide hours of fun for males looking for that special masturbation tools.

The 2 times we will examine as follows: The Penis pump and the Fleshlight masturbator for men.

The penis pump have been in the spotlight before. According to review websites, the penis pump were built for males that would like to enlarge their penis. Even though the penis pump will not actually enlarge your penis forever, it does have the capability to enlarge your organ for at least the amount of time it takes to masturbate or have intercourse. It also been used by men to strengthen their penis. The penis pump creates a suction which allow blood to fill the penis chambers. The more suction, the more blood will fill the penis, the bigger the penis will become.
Some users prefer to use a constriction device at the base of the penis which will keep the blood engorged inside its chambers for longer.

The fleshlight masturbator has also gained popularity among men who would like to use a tool when masturbating. It has been branded as the biggest selling sextoy since its arrival 2 years ago. In fact according the manufacturers of the fleshlight they have sold approximately 2 million units. The fleshlight has been decided as follows: This tool looks like an oversized flashlight. Inside this flashlight you will find a sleeve that resembles a women’s vagina, ass or mouth. You as the user can insert your lubricated penis inside the tool as if it’s a vagina. The sleeve is made from a substance that according to users feel exactly like real skin(vagina skin). You can then masturbate to your heart content until you orgasm.

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