Introduction to the Kamasutra sex manual

In chapter 2 of the Kamasutra you will find the various detailed sex positions. These positions is explained from every angle on how to enhance your sex life and explore new sensation with your partners. Sexologist and sex therapist are in agreement that is essential to couples to change their life making techniques every now and then. This will not only spice up your sex life but also make the event interesting and exciting.

 When we talk about intercourse we mostly refer to the man inserting his penis inside of his wife or female partner.  He will then thrust continuously for a period of time until he hopefully both reach orgasm.  The question remains… How to you keep this interaction as interesting as possible. The Kamasutra explains in detail how to change your body position to enhance sexual intercourse to new heights. Learn more about this kind of stuff.

For this exercise we will examine 3 positions

This first position is called the Hopscotch position – Known to enhance deep penetration and most people contest that this position if done properly can satisfy both partners.  The female would lie on her back while the man would kneel in front of her and enter her. She would place both feet on his upper chest. In this position she controls the thrusting and she can also use her hands to play with herself or with the males buttocks and upper-legs.

The second kamasutra position we will explore is called The Clip position. Very well known position for women who would like to be in control of movement. The man would like on his back while the women would be on top of him. He will insert himself into her and she would be in control of thrusting. The male has his hands free to stimulate her clitoral area. If the female prefer, she can stimulate herself while thrusting on top of him. Known to be very firm favorite among women as she full control of her movement and thus can know exactly how to bring herself to orgasm.
The third kamasutra position is called Doggy Style position. Probably the most well known sexual position in sex-play. Not necessarily everybody’s favorite but is known to stimulate the women’s g-spot.  The female needs to go on all fours, using her forearms for to support herself. The man will take position from behind and entering her vagina from the rear. Its well known when taking women from behind you have such a better change of hitting the gspot. The women have the option of using one hand to stimulate herself while the man is thrusting from behind.

 The kamasutra sex manual is full of examples of how to make love successfully. If you are interested in spicing up your love life, checkout out kamasutra sex manual and dvd on our online website

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