Lubrication and Sex toys

When I say sex toys, you most probably think about things like vibrators, dildos, massagers ect, but a not so well know fact is that lubrication is probably the biggest seller among sex toy fanatics. As a new user you would be very surprise at how these lubes can heighten sexual arousal when applying to private areas. There is nothing as delightful to have slippery sex and achieving an orgasm.  
Women that use sex toys would tell you immediately that lubrication is an essential part of enjoying a sex toy. As you can imagine it can be very sore when using a sex toy within a dry orifice. Not only can it be extremely painful but can also rip and tear one of the most fragile parts of your body which will make you not want to use any sex toy again.
Of course lubes have been created for this very reason.  Not only does lube provide safety when using a sex toy but also increases sexual interaction. In some cases lube becomes essential among men and women.  Adding lube to your sex-play between partners also has a positive effect on their sex play. It is now possible to increase thrust and even try out sexual positions that you would normally try out. You can now also have sex harder and faster. Lubes are now also used for men and women to practice anal sex. It is a well known fact that if you like to practice anal sex it is imperative that you use some sort of lube in this dry orifice. If not both parties may hurt themselves in the process.
Another positive about using lubes are that now it’s possible to enjoy bigger sexual toys than normal. In normal state women will not be able to use a big dildo on her as this would tear her. Normal amount of vaginal juices will not be enough for her to enjoy the apparatus fully. But when using in lubrication the sex toy will be much easier to use and you can enjoy the length and girth more fully. 

So what lubes should you use? There is a multiple amount of lubes on the market at this moment.  Some are made from oil while others are water-based. The new generation of lubrication now contains ingredients that are heat activated or the ones that are cool to your touch. These heat activated lubes does increase sensation among men and women.

Lubes have come a long way since it first came out. Men and women can now use lubes and practice innovative and exciting sex between partners like never before. Click here to checkout our massive sex toys catalogue

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